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Listen to 'Over Me'
Songs written and performed by the Timothy Paul Band

01. Unless You Try
03. Better Days
05. Dust
06. Hole in my Heart
07. Plenty Food
08. Love Come

09. Besty

10. All Night Long

Listen to 'Tim Nutting' - Solo Project
Songs written and performed by Timothy Paul


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01. They That Wait    
02. Your Life    
03. Search    
04. I'm Blind I See    
05. Crazy    
06. Run into His arms    
07. I Can't Stop The Rain   RealAudio
08. Rose Colored Glasses   RealAudio
09. Inside the Shadow    
10. All Creation Sings    

Eli Agajanian Solo Project - No More Excuses
Timothy Paul band's bassist. Singer / songwriter; solo release


01. No More Excuses   Real Audio Buy It
02. Wonderous Love  
03. Don't Look Real Audio
04. Hide & Seek Real Audio
05. He Leadeth Me  
06. Slip Away  
07. Hang My Guns  
08. Buy Your Love  
09. Tell The Story

Real Audio

10. Good Guys  



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